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Diamonds: A Girl’s Best Friend And Now A Unique Investment Opportunity For Women

This article was originally written by Jane Hanson for Forbes and published on April 25, 2023. Elizabeth Taylor once said, “Big girls need big diamonds.” Dana Auslander agrees. The veteran hedge fund executive is shaking up the investment world, creating a unique new asset class that sits at the intersection of finance and luxury, and gives all women […]

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Hermès, Worth $218 Billion, Is Now the World’s Second-Most Valuable Luxury Brand

The luxury brand reached a historic milestone by exceeding a €200 billion ($218 billion) market value this week, per Bloomberg, soaring past Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis AG. This impressive feat is attributed to the luxury brand’s strong performance, rallying approximately 30 percent so far in 2023, buoyed by investor confidence in the high-end market’s continued success.

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